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The Irish Have Become More Creative and Much More Thrifty!


– A recent report issued by 11850 shows requests for numbers regarding creative pursuits seeing great increases
– Increases have been seen in requests for Charity Shops (+14.1%) and Second Hand Book Stores (+7.69%)
– Nation revisiting camping holidays of youth, with requests for Caravans, Campers and Mobile Home Equipment and Supplies (+25%) and Caravan Parks (+14.33%) increasing.

Dublin, XX July 2009
A new report issued by 11850, Ireland’s original independent directory enquiry service, shows Irish citizens are taking a different route to success than perhaps they had previously done. The report which involved comparing the call volume changes in June 2008 with those of June 2009, can reveal that since the humdrum office life has turned its back on much of the Irish workforce; it seems the workforce is now turning its back on office life in favour of fame and stardom. Requests for numbers regarding creative pursuits are seeing great increases, for example, Fashion Colleges (+14.29%), Music Agents (+30%), Theatrical and Variety Agents (+42.86%), Record Companies (+31.58%), and Entertainment Agencies (90.91%) have all increased greatly as compared with request figures for June 08.

Susan Branchflower, Chief Executive, 11850, commented, “The change in the general economic environment over the past 12 months has been reflected in the calls handled by 11850 in the corresponding period. We have seen severe changes in the types of number requests we receive, and it is clear that the nation is trying to find alternative ways to live their lives and survive through these tough times.”

Ms. Branchflower continues, “The figures also show the Irish Nation’s other efforts to do something positive for their future. Some may be considering going back to school, with requests for Secondary Schools and Colleges up +5.42%, and Irish Schools up a huge +97.22% (could this be Des Bishop’s influence?), while others are considering further education as, Adult Education (+8.06%) and Third Level College (+69.57%) requests have both increased as compared to June 08. Others still are not waiting around to be rehired, and instead are looking to become their own boss, with requests for Company Formation up +42.11%.”

The property trade is a perfect example of this thrifty change in search for alternatives, as requests for Mortgage Brokers (-45.01%) and Auctioneers & Estate Agents (-21.92%) have seen a significant decrease compared with June ‘08. However, in order to spruce up their homes people are forgetting about buying new furnishings, with requests for Furniture Shops down -23.67%, and instead giving their old couches, tables and appliances a new lease of life, with Furniture Repairers and Restorers up +20%, and Domestic Appliance Repairs up +3.7%.

Although it has not been very good to us so far, it seems most of us will have to rely on the mercy of the Irish weather this summer, with requests for Travel Agents declining by -15.12%. It appears as though we are planning on revisiting the good old fashioned camping holidays of our youth, with requests for Caravans, Campers and Mobile Home Equipment and Supplies (+25%) and Caravan Parks (+14.33%) increasing on June 08. Possibly not the most romantic of holidays, but the report shows that Irish citizens still like to be wined and dined but they like to do it American style, as American restaurants have been the only type to see any growth, increasing greatly by +62.96%!


Editors Note:

11850 is Ireland’s original independent directory enquiry service. Celebrating its tenth anniversary of service, 11850 is committed to providing callers the highest levels of service, accuracy and courtesy. 11850 joined the kgb family of businesses in 2006. kgb is the world’s largest independent provider of directory assistance and enhanced information services.

11850 is market leader in text directory enquiries in Ireland and is the second largest voice directory assistance operator. Recognised as a leading innovator, 11850 was the first to introduce value added services such as free number textback, and remains the only DQ operator offering free search via the web.