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118 50 Urges Mobile Users To Practise Safe Text—118 50 Launches New Text Service

DUBLN, 23rd June 2008: 118 50, the “nifty” directory enquiries number has called on Irish mobile users to practise Safe Text. With 240 texts sent per second in Ireland and text related injuries on the increase, 118 50 has launched a campaign to advise people on how to text safely. The call comes as 118 50 launches its two way text service, which means that for the first time, the directory enquiries number can now be contacted via text.

Recent figures released by ComReg reveal that texting is the most popular form of communication in Ireland. Last year, Irish people sent a record number of 7.58 billion texts. With texting on the increase, 118 50 has identified possible injuries from text messaging such as head and leg injuries, caused by collisions by pedestrians texting without looking and thumb strain.

Commenting on the launch of its text service, William Ostrom, 118 50 said: “Irish people are great communicators and it is no surprise that texting has proved so popular here. 118 50 is committed to providing a “nifty” directory enquiries service to our customers. Our aim is to make it as quick and as easy as possible for consumers to get the number they need, when they need it. However, we also urge people to text safely.”

To celebrate the launch of its two-way text service, 118 50 has outlined the following guidelines to practising safe text:

• Protect your thumbs from strain with 118 50 thumb plasters
• Turn on predictive text to text without looking
• Set up template messages on your phone
• If you can’t manage both walking and texting—opt for a “pavement pause” to type your message
• Look up every five seconds to avoid street hazards such as lampposts

In addition to its “number finder” service, the 118 50 text offering provides a wide range of unique and exclusive services. For the first time in Ireland, a directory enquiries number will offer its customers an “Ask Us Anything” service, which will enable people to text any query to 118 50.

Commenting on “Ask Us Anything”, William Ostrom said, “If you’re sitting in the pub having a debate with your friends or at a meeting looking for a quick answer, from “How How high is the spire?” to “Is a jaffa cake a cake or a biscuit?”, you can now text our team at 118 50 and they will text you back the answer.”

For further information on Safe Text or to test “Ask Us Anything” text 118 50 or visit www.11850.ie.


Editors Note:

11850 is Ireland’s original independent directory enquiry service. Celebrating its tenth anniversary of service, 11850 is committed to providing callers the highest levels of service, accuracy and courtesy. 11850 joined the kgb family of businesses in 2006. kgb is the world’s largest independent provider of directory assistance and enhanced information services.

11850 is market leader in text directory enquiries in Ireland and is the second largest voice directory assistance operator. Recognised as a leading innovator, 11850 was the first to introduce value added services such as free number textback, and remains the only DQ operator offering free search via the web.