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Staycations were the Order of the Day this Summer, but Public Still Splash out on Holiday Treats, According to 11850’s Summer Calls Index

– Home improvements also proved a popular summer pursuit –


11850 Directory Enquiries, Ireland’s original independent directory enquiry service has today announced its calls index for Summer 2010. The index demonstrates call trends in the lives of Irish citizens over the summer months, and it is evident that, although foreign holidays were not on the cards for many this year, those spending staycations in Ireland made the most of what the country has to offer!

It appears many spent their summer holidays following the fun around Ireland rather than taking trips overseas, with number requests for Hotels (+27%), B&Bs (+32%), Guest Houses (+81%) and Holiday Homes (+58%) all increasing on Summer ‘09, while requests for Travel Agents decreased by 40%.

Colin Lewis, Chief Marketing Officer, 11850, commented, “The figures from the summer calls index indicate that Irish citizens are once again falling in love with the fun that can be had in their own country. While they may not have wanted to splash out on foreign holidays, they were still treating themselves nonetheless! With the money saved on flights it appears that Irish ‘staycationers’ splashed out on arriving in style, with increases in requests for Chauffeurs (+188%) and Limousine Hire (+28%), as well as Hairdressers (+10%) and Tanning Studios (+19%).”

While some spent their hard-earned holiday cash on entertainment, socialising, and beautifying themselves, others used their time off over the summer to give their homes a make-over. The 11850 calls index saw requests for Painting Contactors (+87%), Curtain Shops (+36%), Carpet Cleaners (+88%) and Landscape Gardeners (+14%) all increasing on summer ‘09.

Other trends evident from 11850’s Summer 2010 Index:

Socialising & Entertainment:
Entertainment pursuits that saw increased requests in the 11850 calls index included:

  • – Restaurants +201%
  • – Pubs +52%
  • – Betting Shops +114%
  • – Go Karts +68%
  • – Paintball Games +44%
  • – Parachuting Clubs +37%

Others favoured less extreme pursuits during their weekends, as nights in with a Chinese takeaway wins out over tattoos and piercings!

  • – Chinese Takeaway +145%
  • – Body Piercing -43%
  • – Tattoos -10%

Health & Beauty:
The fresh air had a positive impact on the public, as it appears they were aiming for a healthier lifestyle with increased requests for:

  • – Golf Clubs +14%
  • – Swimming Pools +113%
  • – Fitness Classes +176%
  • – Health Clubs +52%

Car dealerships have gotten a boost at the expense of public transport!

  • – Toyota Car dealers +113%
  • – Nissan Car dealers +164%
  • – Renault car dealers +115%
  • – Honda car dealers +151%
  • – Opel car dealers +118%
  • – Bicycle Shops +10%
  • – Train Stations -69%
  • – Bus companies -65%
  • – Ferry Services -50%
  • – Car valeting -36%
  • – Vintage Cars -31%

Luxury Spending:
The 11850 calls index showed increased requests for numbers for many over-the-top luxury services and extravagant purchases such as:

  • – Boat Sales +16%
  • – Wine Importers +41%
  • – Foreign Properties +12%
  • – Audi Car Dealerships +180%
  • – Land Rover Car Dealerships +135%
  • – Jaguar Car Dealerships +3%

Good news for personal finances, as there has been a decrease in requests for:

  • – Debt collectors -44%
  • – Pawnbrokers -17%


Editors Note:

11850 is Ireland’s original independent directory enquiry service. Celebrating its tenth anniversary of service, 11850 is committed to providing callers the highest levels of service, accuracy and courtesy. 11850 joined the kgb family of businesses in 2006. kgb is the world’s largest independent provider of directory assistance and enhanced information services.

11850 is market leader in text directory enquiries in Ireland and is the second largest voice directory assistance operator. Recognised as a leading innovator, 11850 was the first to introduce value added services such as free number textback, and remains the only DQ operator offering free search via the web.

The numbers in this report are drawn from call data, broken down by the 11850’s directory system into categories. Further information is available on request, but note that call volumes for individual categories and data on individual business and brands will not be made available. The report involves comparing the call volume changes in Summer 2009 with those of Summer 2010. The data is published in good faith, and every reasonable effort has been taken to ensure the data is accurate. It is published in the interests of the public provision of objective and useful data. The company cannot be held responsible for the onward usage of such data, or its interpretation. The commentary provided above is not intended to be a definitive analysis.