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March 18th is officially Ireland’s National Hangover Day

14th March 2012

Every March 18th 11850, Ireland’s original independent directory enquiry service, receive a high number of calls for people looking for their local chemists, cafes, supermarkets, off licences and doctors. Looking at the trend, it’s not hard to realise that there may be a link between Paddy’s Day celebrations & these requests—the link being the mother of all hangovers!

In the quest to prepare for this call influx, 11850 asked “What is the best hangover cure?” and the results were not all too surprising! While New Yorkers think eggs benedict is the cure, Italians believe it’s found in a shot of espresso and the Canadians swear by ginger ale, 63% of us believe it’s all about a traditional Irish breakfast.

The traditional options appeal to the Irish, as coming second in the poll is “the cure for everything” Mammy’s tea & toast which received 15% of the votes with a brave 13% saying that hair of the dog works every time!

Whatever the cure 11850 can provide you with all the numbers you need to help make National Hangover Day that little bit easier on you. Whether it is for the local chemist, taxis—the walk of shame can be a very long walk, or even your local takeaway. Remember though, always drink responsibly and Lá Fhéile Pádraig.


Editors Note:

11850 is Ireland’s original independent directory enquiry service. Celebrating its tenth anniversary of service, 11850 is committed to providing callers the highest levels of service, accuracy and courtesy. 11850 joined the kgb family of businesses in 2006. kgb is the world’s largest independent provider of directory assistance and enhanced information services.

11850 is market leader in text directory enquiries in Ireland and is the second largest voice directory assistance operator. Recognised as a leading innovator, 11850 was the first to introduce value added services such as free number textback, and remains the only DQ operator offering free search via the web.